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Journal Methodology

Journal MPR

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The membership fee is 70 € per year.
For students/Ph.D. students (with part-time employment) and residents from low income countries (see this list) the fee is only 35 € per year. Members entitled to the reduced fee may also decide to pay only 10 € per year, but don't have access to "Methodology. European Journal of Research Methods in the Behavioural and Social Sciences" (Publisher: Hogrefe).

For members of the "asociación española de metodología de las ciencias del comportamiento" (AEMCCO) the membership fee will be paid directly from the organization. So, if you are a member of this organization, you don't have to pay by yourself to the EAM, again.
For institutional membership in the EAM the fee is 170 € (144 € for an institutional subscription of the journal + 6 € postal charge + 20 € for the association). In this case please fill out the form below with the personal details of the contact person of the institution and add "Institutional membership" at the end of the field "Academic title" and the name of the institution in the field "Institution".

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